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    If you are considering house demolition, there are a lot of reasons to do so. Spokane Demolition Services can help you rip apart or tear down a house to make room for something new. As a company that specializes in demolition, we are an excellent choice. For all of your demolition and removal needs, we are the company. For a free estimate, please call (509) 873-3904 or request an appointment online.


    With decades of experience demolishing houses in Spokane County, Spokane Demolition Services is your number one choice when it comes to home demolition in the city. We are the most trusted company with history and experience in home demolition.


    Our house demolition process:


    Contact Your Lender

    In order to demolish your house, you must notify your lender, unless you own the property outright. Finance companies have a vested interest in lending money to property owners. Your lender may demand immediate payment in full for your mortgage if you do not obtain approval for the demolition of your house. To go over the details of you loan contract, you should contact your lender.

    Obtain Quotes From Demolition Contractors

    No matter how much you intend to take on yourself, it is always a good idea to speak with a couple of licensed demolition contractors to obtain an estimate. You can typically expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000 for a larger building, sometimes more.

    Depending on how long it will take, the amount of equipment necessary, permits, etc., you might find that hiring a demo contractor isn't as expensive as doing it yourself.


    Get the Proper Permits

    The location of your home determines whether demolition of your house requires a permit. You should get a demolition permit, whether you are in an urban area, suburban area, or rural area. Don't skip this step. A city or county official will stop the process if they discover you're working without a permit. Fines are also possible.


    Make sure you ask your demolition contractor if they will be able to obtain these permits as part of the project costs. Local building departments often have connections with contractors that can expedite the process.


    Contact Utility Companies

    Before demolition can begin, the utilities must be properly disconnected and terminated at the source. Depending on the area, the fire department or another authority may have to inspect the utilities before the connection is complete.

    Look for Hazardous Materials

    Older constructions contain hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead paint, and other hazardous materials that must be handled and disposed of properly. It is best to have asbestos removed from your home's flooring, insulation or ceilings by professionals to prevent exposure to airborne asbestos. To avoid becoming ill or injured, mold removal must also be done correctly.


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    The best way to improve your property sometimes means removing a home. The Spokane Demolition Services team has years of experience removing homes and will take care of whatever you need done - from small remodeling jobs up through large scale demolition projects!