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    Removing a concrete slab is a big job. The average person doesn't have the equipment or skills to complete this project on their own. Concrete removal involves removing concrete, brick, block, and other hard surfaces from a structure or property. These surfaces are often removed to make way for new construction or renovation projects.


    Luckily, Spokane Demolition Services has served the greater Spokane area for years and offers professional residential and commercial concrete removal services.


    Our team can handle all of your needs from start to finish hassle-free. Call us today at (509) 873-3904.

    Concrete Removal Spokane, WA

    What are the different types of concrete removal?

    There are two main ways these surfaces can be removed: by hand pulling them off the demolished surface or using heavy machinery such as jackhammers and chippers to break them up into smaller pieces that can be easily hauled away.


    A common type of concrete removal is Stamping or Bonding. This involves taking an existing slab of stamped concrete down so another surface can go over it. For example, someone might want a patterned brick patio, but there is already stamped concrete where they want their new one.


    Concrete removal is a great option when concrete has deteriorated, so it can no longer be repaired or patched properly. This includes deteriorating bases, potholes, etc. Call us today at (509) 873-3904 with questions about your concrete removal project on commercial or residential properties.


    Why should I call a professional for concrete demolition and removal?

    While there are different types of home demolitions that you can tackle as a DIY project, concrete removal is not one of them. If you have ever tried to remove concrete in your home, you know how hard it is.


    First of all, the tools needed for removing this type of flooring are very expensive and can even be dangerous when handled by amateurs. Secondly, the job will take a lot longer than most DIYers anticipate. Finally, there is always that lingering concern with doing any kind of demolition without experience or training that something might go wrong, causing an injury.


    The problem homeowners face once they have decided to take out their concrete coverings for whatever reason is how exactly do you remove them? For years, Spokane Demolition Services has been removing sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, patios, and even residential flooring.


    Any bathtub with surrounding walls, toilet, sink vanity cupboards/cabinets, mirrors. Anything that is attached to the structure of your bathroom. The goal here is not just removal but to preserve the plumbing and electrical elements to make them reusable for your new bathroom.


    When you call Spokane Demolition Services, we will provide a free estimate of what is involved with demoing your current bathroom so that you know exactly how much it’s going to cost.


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    Spokane Demolition Services is family-owned and operated with years of experience in removing old concrete slabs, whether they are cracked or broken up. We will remove them from your home or commercial property without damaging any surrounding structures so that after we have finished, there will be no evidence that this type of flooring ever existed on the premises.


    We are a professional demolition company that can handle all types of concrete removal in Spokane, WA. Looking for a reliable demolition company for concrete removal in Spokane, WA? Look no further than Spokane Demolition Services. We will use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety both for you and your property. Call us today at (509) 873-3904 for a free quote and estimate.