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    There are many reasons you would want to call for commercial demolition services. Whether you want to tear down a building, or rip part of a building down to make way for something new, Spokane Demolition Services can help. When it comes to commercial demolition, we are the perfect fit for the job. We are your one-stop shop for your commercial demolition and removal needs. Call us at (509) 873-3904 for a free estimate or schedule an appointment.


    Spokane Demolition Services is your number one choice for commercial demolition in Spokane, WA. We are the most trusted company with history and experience with demolishing buildings throughout Spokane County.


    Our commercial demolition process

    Commercial demolition services can be a large or small job. We are always available to provide commercial demolition for our valued customers.


    First is the deconstruction method that completely takes apart structures piece by piece and recycles everything it can. This option has many benefits for our environment because we get rid of all potentially hazardous materials while recycling them into new products.

    Second, there’s crushing where buildings are flattened out using heavy machinery in order to make room for other companies or homes.


    Finally, salvage methods allow us to move objects instead of demolishing a location so you don’t have any interruptions within your business during this process.


    Types of commercial demolition services

    There are two types of commercial demolitions services: internal and external. Internal work includes removing beams, electrical lines, pipes, insulation from the inside out whereas exterior removal would include taking down walls or roofs;


    Steel beam Demolition

    There are many different types of steel beams and depending on the type, there will be a specific method for removing them. Most steel beam removal is done by hand with an assortment of power tools such as saws, drills, torches, and shears to cut through metal beams along with other demolition equipment like hydraulic hammers and breakers that can remove concrete from the ground.

    Structural Demolition

    Structural demolition is the most dangerous type of commercial demolition service. It requires a lot of planning and precision as mistakes can be very costly to your project timeline. Structural demolitions require extreme care with one person usually designated for each wall or column that needs to be demolished in order to prevent any damage from occurring.

    Flooring Demolition

    Flooring can include ceramic tile, wood flooring, and carpet removal. Removing these types of commercial demolition services requires the use of hot water or power tools such as saws to remove any type of tiles on the floor that are cemented into place along with jackhammers for removing concrete from beneath floors in addition to removing nails or staples holding down carpets which will also require shears.

    Professional commercial demolition contractors in Spokane, WA

    The best way to improve your building project is by taking out any obstacles in the path. One such obstacle that needs removal are structures, which can be difficult if not impossible for some people. The Spokane Demolition Services team has years of experience removing these types of buildings and will take care whatever you need done - from small remodeling jobs up through large scale demolition projects!
    A great example would have been my own family's business- we needed help with an office space because two other rooms were too small; after their work was complete there wasn't anything left standing between us and success.