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    Do you have an old deck or fence that needs to be removed from your property? Whether it is because of a remodel, new construction, or just the desire to change things up in your backyard. We are here to help. Spokane Demolition Services offers professional deck and fence removal in Spokane, WA. Call us today at (509) 873-3904 for professional deck and fence demolition.


    Fence Demolition Spokane, WA

    Deck demolition in Spokane, WA

    Every home has a deck. A few homes might even have more than one. If you want to sell your house, or maybe just looking for new ideas on how to improve it, you should consider demolishing the old deck and building a new one. We will guide you through every decision-making process so that when we are done with demolishing your old deck. Call us today for deck demolition in Spokane, WA.


    What is involved in deck removal and demolition?

    The first thing we need to do is remove the old wood. This means you will have a lot of garbage that needs to be taken away, and it also means there might be nails or other sharp objects around. We recommend having all this removed before we start working on your new deck design because these items can cause serious injuries if they are not dealt with properly.


    After taking out the old stuff, our team will prepare the area so you can build it up from scratch. New decks can be built in any design that fits the rest of the property’s style and better compliments existing features like patios and walkways. Our team always strives to make sure our customers get their desired results.


    Fence demolition in Spokane, WA

    Fence demolition is necessary when the fence is old, worn out, or dangerous. This is common, especially with wooden fences. The process of removing wood or wooden-based fencing is different from other types of fences. It involves cutting down the posts that are holding up the fence before taking it apart piece by piece with specialized tools to take them off in sections called panels.

    What is involved in fence removal?

    Fence removal is different from fence installation because it does not involve heavy machinery, but rather a lot of physical labor from skilled professionals. With this task comes risks to your property and employees due to potential damage during demolition.


    Spokane Demolition Services' team has been trained to handle these situations with minimal risk for each job we take. We can demolish fences safely while minimizing any impact on surrounding structures or landscapes without damaging anything other than what is being removed.

    Professional deck demolition in Spokane, WA

    Let Spokane Demolition Services help you with your next deck project. We are professionals in residential and commercial demolition of decks, fences, patios, porches, stairs, or any other structures.


    Fences also need care when being replaced by larger more modern models which will provide better security and aesthetics for years to come. Let us assist you every step of the way in the removal process. Call us today at (509) 873-3904 for deck and fence removal in Spokane, WA.